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Download Travian Bot

What is travian bot?

Travian bot is a software that is used to automate the “Travian” game. In a nutshell, the initial stages of the game gets very boring when you are scrounging for resources. With travian bot all this can be automated. Now you can farm automatically, train your armies, send out attacks, mine for clay and iron. All this at the click of a button.


Please visit my travian bot to download this software.

The best feature about this software is cloud waiting loop. Here is how it works:

  1. You set up a huge list of tasks (max 100) you want to do. It can be anything from increasing your crop level to training army.
  2. This list gets updates on our cloud servers. Even if you close our application, these tasks will be executed one by one subject to the availability of resources and workers.
  3. This way, you village can grow at the speed of light.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

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Hand Guns on DeepWeb


Handguns. I love them. It makes you feel so powerful, right?

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PGP Encryption For Better Privacy


Most sellers and service providers on deepweb will be using PGP encryption, especially with their emails to increase their privacy and anonymity.  PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy”, apart from encrypting and decrypting emails over the internet it can also act as a digital signature and allows the receiver to be certain of the sender’s identity to be sure that the email was not tampered with.

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Guide To Bitcoin


Bitcoin, the de facto currency of the deepweb. Do you know enough? [click to continue…]

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Drugs on the deepweb.


Deepweb has been a popular hangout for drug dealers, both for sourcing their stuff and as well as for getting new customers. You name the drug, deepweb has it, in the quantity you wish to obtain. [click to continue…]


Guide to TOR Network


TOR is both a software and network. The network is made up of various nodes using their open source [click to continue…]


How to Make Clearnet More Secure


We cannot exclusivly communicate through the deepweb, having presence on the clearnet (your “normal” internet) is unavoidable. Here are some tips that will make your activities on the clearnet more secure and anonymous. [click to continue…]


What is deepweb?


To understand what exactly is deepweb, you have to first understand how Internet is different from the World Wide Web. This explanation will be free from as much technical jargons [click to continue…]